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NGADM 2013

2013-08-04 21:35:59 by skyood

So, i'm way overdue posting some kind of update ... so here it is.

I'm super thrilled to have been accepted to the 2013 version of the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch! It's probably NG's premier regularly scheduled music competition and I'm very flattered to have been even accepted into the first round. It pairs up NG artists against each other and the judges vote on who advances, so on and so forth, bracket style, until someone emerges victorious having vanquished all challengers. That person will almost certainly not be me. But I'm excited for the challenge and the feedback it will generate.

You can follow the progress on the audio forums, or if you want a nice, compact way of checking it out you can check out Camoshark's excellent pairing list, which links to all the entries.

Good luck all the combatants!


2012-05-15 20:32:24 by skyood

This is a good time to ask me to make something music-ish for you ... only you won't. Because no one is reading this. :P


2012-03-01 18:32:21 by skyood

Keep up on your work, kids. Or you'll end up about to fall asleep in the school caf like I am.

School's in!

2010-10-21 10:28:28 by skyood

I'm in school so what's going up is pretty sporadic. I'm very much open, however, to being contacted if you'd like something in particular done. This is probably the best way to capture my interest. :)

School's out!

2010-07-13 14:02:31 by skyood

Just joined Newgrounds and hoping to start making music for game developers! Contact me so I can work on music for your game/flash movie now while I have all the time in the world ...